Conference Entertainment

Thursday March 10@ 7:3o pm

Western University’s Arts and Humanities Students’ Council Presents
“The Refugee Hotel” by Carmen Aguirre

The performance will be held off campus at the ARTS Project @ 203 Dundas Street, London, Ontario.

Set in a Vancouver hotel in 1974, this dark comedy is grounded in fictionalized autobiographical details that explore the experiences of eight newly arrived Chilean refugees in Canada at the onset of the Pinochet regime. These characters are survivors of political oppression who navigate their newfound realities by forging community with each other, however their exploration of old and new relationships is constantly punctuated by infiltrating nightmares of their recent pasts.

We have purchased a limited number of tickets for conference participants & volunteers. Please email us if you would like to reserve a ticket.

Friday March 11@ 7:00pm

The performance will be held on campus in the Arts & Humanities Building, room 3B15. No reservation is required.

Simona Giurgea presents Simone Weil’s essay “The Iliad or the Poem of Force” translated by Mary McCarthy.

Born in Paris, in February 1909 into an agnostic French Jewish family, Simone Weil died of cardiac failure in August 1943.Teacher, classical scholar, political and religious nonconformist, philosopher, factory and farm laborer, religious thinker, mystic, Simone Weil is, in Flannery O’Connor words, ” a mystery that should keep us all humble.”

The Iliad, or the Poem of Force, is one of Simone’s very rare articles, among those that she has published herself, in which the subject is not directly political or social and does not have a close connection with the actual situation in which she wrote it. There is the problem of war, but not of the war against Hitler. There is the problem of misery and affliction, but it is the misery and affliction of the Trojans and the Greeks, or affliction in general. Certainly circumstances contributed to the fact that Simone had focused her attention on affliction, even more intensely than was usual for her. But, apparently, her main concern was to understand the Iliad.”